It's no secret that we're living in troubled times.

The world has seen plagues of disease that come in waves; startling us into new behaviors, causing us to be more mindful of our actions, and do a mental inventory of who and what means the most to us in this life. Megan and Rob were not exempt from these heavy calculations. 2020 will certainly be a year for them to remember, for better or worse.

For the last year, we've been intermittently planning their wedding. From our coffee shop consultation to their engagement session, to timeline meetings leading up to their wedding date, March 20th. Just weeks ago, Megan lost her father unexpectedly. She wore her grief during our final meeting at their venue, picking out ceremony and portrait locations, and making decisions about the minutia of the day that seemed trivial compared to the weight of her recent loss. I remember thinking to myself, "How is she doing this right now?.. How is she here?". It's just a testament to how freaking tough this woman is, guys. And with Rob, ever by her side, tackling the hard stuff together......ENTER COVID-19.

Over the course of the last week leading up to their wedding date, we monitored federal and state mandates day by day with a "play it by ear" attitude. Suddenly, it became too dangerous for guests to travel and congregate. I offered them an alternative option. ELOPE. Just DO IT. Their venue offered to reschedule. TAKE IT. But, don't sacrifice this heavy, emotional, meant-to-be moment. Tie the knot now, somewhere jaw-droppingly beautiful, magical, and meaningful. Celebrate with your loved ones another day when the world starts making sense again.

So, they did. Ash Cave is a particularly gorgeous and meaningful spot to them. If you aren't familiar with the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, its like something out of a fairytale. I'm proud of these caverns and waterfalls, like they belong to me or something because I get to live here. I can't wait to relive their day with their guests later this year as originally planned, but I was pretty happy about their decision to make the most of their socially distant "I Do"s here in this spot. Like the ancient trees and rock here, Megan and Rob have weathered every heartache this year has dealt them, and ultimately decided their love was stronger than it all.


Thanks for letting me bear witness. Here's to better times ahead for us all. <3


Hocking Hills Elopement